Why Making a Bed with Resuinsa is More Cost-Effective, Hygienic and Durable

At Resuinsa, we don’t cut corners. We start with only the finest materials to provide our clients with luxury that you can feel, and carefully construct each product to hold up under regular use in the hospitality industry.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t innovative. We invest our finances and energy in researching and developing the best designs for your hotel beds, not to make our work easier, but to help you save money and time when it comes to your hotel bed products.

Here are just a few examples of the products we’ve developed that mean making a bed with Resuinsa is cheaper, more hygienic and more durable than with any other luxury hotel linen company:

1. Mattress Pads

mattress protectors

Resuinsa mattress pads are designed to cover the sides and top of the mattress, making mattress encasements obsolete.

U.S. law requires hotels to cover all sides of a mattress except for the bottom. That’s why a lot of hotels use mattress encasements and a pad on top. But when you use mattress pads from Resuinsa, you can comply with regulations without spending the extra money on a mattress encasement.

Our mattress pads come with all sides covered automatically with industrial plastic that holds up in the high temperatures of an industrial laundry. The durable elastics and materials that make up our mattress pads can be laundered in temperatures over 200 °F. Our mattress pads are also easier to remove and wash than a mattress encasement with a zipper, ensuring a more hygienic sleeping environment for your hotel guests.

2. Duvet Inserts/Comforters


Our duvet inserts/comforters are made of stitched polyfiber that doesn’t clog up, creating lumps and inconsistencies in the smoothness of your hotel bed. This helps your duvet inserts last longer.

At Resuinsa, we offer a variety of different duvet comforter options designed with luxury hotels in mind. Choose from our different fillings, filling densities, exterior fabrics and construction styles to find the right fit for your hotel bed.

3. Duvet Covers

One of the factors that we consider when designing new products for hotel beds is how easy they are to change out, with the goal of saving your housekeeping staff time and allowing you to wash your linens more easily and more often. Even a few extra minutes spent wrangling an item like a duvet cover can really add up.

Our duvet covers have hand holes on the top and a full opening on the bottom. It’s easy: just take the duvet, whip it up and the insert is in place. Duvet covers have never been this simple before!

Contact Resuinsa to Save

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Our luxury hotel bedding options give you the durable, hygienic and cost-effective options you need without sacrificing the high-end look and feel that you require.

To learn more about how buying from Resuinsa can save you up to 30% in investment and 20% in operational costs, contact us today! Our luxury hotel linen experts are standing by to discuss your needs.