Looking stylish at the pool

It is becoming more and more common to enjoy the beach or the pool wearing the last fashion trends, and towels are now an essential accessory. A towel can say much about an establishment and it is a decorative element that doesn’t go unnoticed anymore. Hotels pay therefore special attention to their quality and the smallest detail.

The design of the towels varies depending on several aspects, such as the colours, the motifs, the ambiance and the decoration of the establishment, so that everything is in harmony. In fact, designers work with moodboards to find the perfect product, as Resuinsa did to create a spectacular set of pool towels for an important resort in the Seychelles islands.

Primrose Yellow, Island Paradise or Greenery are some of the trend colours for this summer, according to the prestigious Fashion Color Report by Pantone, so they will take centre stage in the hotel swimming pools. These shades are selected after considering the furniture, so that everything is in line with the style of the moment, always ensuring consistency with the atmosphere around it.

Regarding the motifs, there are four different types of prints in style this season. The first one is the vegetal or tropical print, inspired by the free lifestyle of surfers thanks to their exotic designs, with bird or flower prints. We will also continue to see striped towels, a classic that is still in style in its version with wide, thin, vertical or horizontal stripes. Moreover, stripes usually come in a combination of white with a trendy solid colour.

Geometric prints have become another must-have for this summer, with shapes that vary from circles and rectangles to abstract shapes. Finally, anchors, seashells, fishes, starfishes, corals and waves are the main characters in the nautical or see inspired towels, which pay homage to this time of the year.

The traditional rectangle-shaped pieces are still in, although the trend points towards XXL towels for couples or families. The sarong-type ones, with or without fringe, are also becoming trendy, since they fulfil a double function: you can lie on them and wrap yourself in them. In addition, they are thinner than usual and thus easier to transport.

The point is to go to the beach or the pool wearing an exclusive, high-quality piece to dry yourself after taking a dip and to sunbathe stylishly. This trend also comes with matching beach bags, wash bags and other textile accessories to take care of every detail.