It’s in Our DNA


Creating memorable experience is the essence of successful hotels and resorts. However, something that’s not always top-of-mind is the significant impact that linens have on guests while on premise. It’s a fact that they spend more time in direct contact (touch) with sheets, towels and robes than with any other branded product while under the care of management. Even more than all guest services combined, in most cases.

At Resuinsa, we’ve designed our products around exceptional guest experiences as well as for management profitability and overall product longevity.  As we all know, these are key influences when choosing a quality product to present to guests.

Let’s look at the three main areas where Resuinsa shines.



Starting at the manufacturing level, Resuinsa is the only one of our direct competitors to fully employ a sustainable manufacturing process known as STeP (Sustainable Textile Production).  This certification is a stamp of approval ensuring the commitment to environmental impact management as well as occupational health/safety, social responsibility and a high standard of quality.

When selecting materials, 100% cotton is most commonly preferred over polyester due to its ability to withstand higher temperatures during the drying process. In linens, when a lower quality fiber is selected, the tell-tail signs are not only a rough-to-the-touch feel, but also a greyish tint as the threads become burnt.

Decisions made early on directly impact the product in the long run.



After completion in the manufacturing process, towels – for example – are delivered unwashed and unshrunk. Upon opening of the packaging, these may feel mildly rough to the touch. However, after the first few cleaning cycles they truly come to life as they begin to fluff up and become extremely soft. Resuinsa products are a polar opposite of typical “off the shelf” retail products which have a much shorter life span.



As we’re all aware, no business can operate on little-to-no profit margins.  In the hospitality industry, this is no exception as staff costs are on the rise in conjunction with other operational costs increasing year over year.  Resuinsa’s response to this is to develop products that decrease the amount of time (resources) spent in room turnovers, preparing for the next guest.  This is no easy task but is essential for the success and overall profitability.

Resuinsa’s bedding products are designed with housekeeping staff in-mind to reduce excess efforts, and time spent making up beds.  This is done through color-coding of the sheets and specially designed duvet covers allowing for a bed to be turned in under two minutes.

Beyond the savings in housekeeping time, having products that outlive even the most durable linens is key to Resuinsa’s product development. Raising the bar in quality also allows for other areas of savings and efficiency. The average temperate industrial laundries use to wash linens is 60°C (140°F) which far exceeds our competitors’ recommended 40°C (100°F).  Our products will withstand the higher heat, while lower quality linens will undoubtedly have breakdown and a drastically shorted life span.



As we mentioned, Resuinsa specializes in products made exceed the specific needs of each property and to offer an array of choices that will best fit the experiential expectations of your guests.  Please contact our US sales team at to discuss our latest offerings and what Resuinsa can bring to the table.