Innovation in design of textiles for the hospitality industry


A well dressed table is the first thing that captivates the diner about the restaurant. Cutlery, dinnerware, glassware and particularly table linens have so much importance or more than the rest of the decoration at the eatery. Every establishment seeks to offer a service and an image that reflect its personality and make it different from the rest. In Spain, in particular, this situation is magnified since it is one of the most innovative countries in textiles for the hospitality industry, just as decorators have been stressing for some time now.

In recent years, the restaurant and hotel industry has become the forefront of design. Designers and decorators always aspire to design a hotel or a restaurant, because they have become the flagship for all the trends.

This is a new situation. The tourism boom Spain has experimented, combined with the economic crisis, transformed what until a few years ago was a rather traditional sector, because some establishments went for innovation in design to stand out from the competition.

Restaurants try to individualize not only their gastronomic offer, but also the presentation, the decoration and the design of the establishments. You only have to go into different restaurants to notice this, because Spain has become a very innovative country in terms of textiles design.

Design ensures the perfect restaurant table

The materials have to satisfy a dual necessity, functionality and durability, and also to go hand in hand with design. The key requirement is the quality of the product to be employed, because its resistance and the final result will depend on it. For elegant tables, big natural white linen tablecloths and napkins are a safe bet, even though colour can also add a special touch.

Nevertheless, everything depends on the atmosphere and the specialty of the gastronomic offer, always placing a firm wager on textiles, of course, at the expense of paper table linens or other alternatives. Textiles help to complete the decorative ambiance and, at the same time, they enhance the prestige of the establishment thanks to the softness, the elegance and the design of table linens.