Innovation and Technology in our New Products at Hostelco

We have launched the first facility in Spain specially designed for smart linens, which includes both software and hardware. All this has been achieved using the RFID system, a ‘chip’ that monitors all the traceability of the product, so that the number of washes as well as the loss of the garments can be known.

This facility, which is located at the laundry Mogan, in Gran Canaria, receives the dirty linen of several hotels, so this technology digitizes the whole process of control of the articles. This way, hand-counting is no longer necessary, as it was done until now.

Our general manager, Félix Martí, made this announcement at Hostelco, along with the company’s ambassador around the world and eight-starred chef Martín Berasategui, after visiting the space designed by Carmela Martí Decoración at the trade show.

The laundry has a first booth, where the cage that arrives with the linens of the different establishments is inserted. Linens are also weighed in the same booth. All the information about the bedding garments is displayed on the screen and their data is saved in the software. Then, the linens are distributed into the appropriate wash channel according to their characteristics and their later ironing. Once ready, they are brought into a second booth to recount the articles and they get back to the starting booth to issue the delivery orders for each establishment.

Smart linens have become a revolution in the sector, and more and more hotels are demanding them. Therefore, our R&D&I department is working on several projects to meet the demand for digitalisation and traceability of the garments and supply this widely shared need.