indanthren digital printing

Indanthren Digital Printing Now Available Through RESUINSA

Praised for its rich color and efficiency, Indanthren digital printing by RESUINSA will beautifully color your linens. 

Indanthren printing opens up endless possibilities for designs and colors, allowing customization for every establishment. Before, there wasn’t any kind of digital printing that could withstand industrial laundry processes. RESUINSA’s commitment to technological innovation has changed the game.

Benefits of Indanthren Digital Printing

Indanthren dye has been around for a long time. It’s a powerful and long-lasting dye that works on cotton and linen. Known as a “vat dye,” Indanthren is used to color all or part of a fabric. 

Benefits of Indanthren dye include: 

  • Superior Efficiency
    • Water does not wash it out, even at high temperatures
    • Light does not fade it, even in direct, daily exposure
    • Chemicals have little effect on it. Even bleach only lightly fades areas where it sits. Acids and Alkalis similarly don’t affect the dye. 
  • Long-Lasting 
    • Indanthren adheres to fabric quickly and stays put.

RESUINSA found a way to harness this powerful dye for linen-printing purposes! Now your hotel can benefit from elegant and tasteful Indanthren dye. With this revolutionary ability, RESUINSA has opened the door to a whole new consideration in room design. And we couldn’t be more excited about its possibilities. 

High Praise from Host Milan

RESUINSA is back from a successful debut of our new Indanthren printing at Host Milan. We’re honored to have received such high praise for our new Indanthren digital print textiles at Host Milan. As one of the largest gatherings of leaders in the hospitality industry, Host Milan gave us some much-valued perspective. 

The Palmira Collection, our new Indanthren digital print collection, was well received by a host of visitors. Hundreds of professionals from across America, Europe, Africa, and Asia stopped by our display. Visitors were excited about the capabilities demonstrated by our Palmira Collection. 


Apart from our industry-leading technological innovations, RESUINSA has premium quality hospitality linens for any room or purpose in your hotel. We offer premium-quality materials for all areas of your business. RESUINSA supplies materials for your hotel’s:

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Restaurant
  • Spa and Wellness Centers
  • Hospitals and Residential Care
  • Textile Accessories 

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RESUINSA is committed to supplying you with the finest quality linens, and that means using superior dyes like Indanthren. Your business can only make one first impression, and RESUINSA has the materials to make it unforgettable. We’re always looking for ways to improve our products, and Indanthren dyes are the next upgrade. 

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