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How to Make the Most Out of Your Hotel’s Theme

Your hotel’s theme is one of its identifying features. A well-crafted theme not only sets your hotel apart from the rest, but also reinforces its experience in the minds of visitors. Themes can reflect your hotel’s surrounding environment, a personal aesthetic, or a classic look and feel. 

Done correctly, crafting a theme is very difficult. This is because, no matter the origins of your hotel’s theme or how unique it is, it has to be a full experience. In order to leave an impression that stays with your guests after their stay is completed, your hotel’s theme needs to be maximized. 

Why Maximize Your Hotel’s Theme? 

Mediocre themes are problematic for many reasons. Firstly, an incomplete theme will cheapen the experience guests may be primed for. If a hotel is advertised as tropical-themed, but the effort stops at plastic palm trees and aloha shirts, that’s problematic. Maybe not for the disinterested guests visiting for business, but for everybody else, the deficit is a rude awakening. 

The biggest issue here is that, before they’ve even started their stay, the hotel has broken visitor trust and dampened their expectations. From a lazy owner’s perspective, this might be a good thing as there’s now less to live up to. But from a financial and long-term perspective, this is a potentially devastating shift in perspective.  

Financial Repercussions for Unfulfilled Hotel Themes

Guests disappointed in an unfulfilled theme will pay for the room they’ve agreed to, but will likely pay for nothing else. They may have been looking forward to using your hotel’s amenities prior to the visit. Now though, they’ll take that business elsewhere. That means the spa, dining area, and room service misses out.

Long-Term Repercussions for Unfulfilled Hotel Themes

If guests are unhappy when they check in and are resistant to experiencing anything that will sooth their disappointment, that’s a problem. No good reviews come from chronic disappointment of a service. Not only do bad online review sting, but the in-person reviews might be worse. With studies showing a dissatisfied customer will tell 9-15 people of their bad experience, fulfilling expectations is of paramount importance. 

How to Maximize Your Hotel’s Theme

There are many details to take into consideration when fully exploring your hotel’s theme. Here are some of them: 

Art Selection 

The paintings or pictures in a hotel play a large role in crafting the theme or feeling. A tropical-themed hotel wouldn’t have reprints of baroque masterpieces lining the hallways for good reason. Dissonance is not the feeling guests should experience every time they go to fill the ice bucket. 

Bathroom Design and Decoration

Many hotels miss an opportunity for full immersion in their theme by neglecting their rooms’ bathrooms. Sea-shell soaps are a start, but cannot be the entire effort. Having custom, thematic, or color coordinated bath towels, hand towels, and bath mats in the bathroom go a long way. 

Customized Room Linen 

To impress and immerse guests in their room, custom linens are a powerful option. When you get them through RESUINSA, you can take advantage of our beautiful, intricate, long-lasting Indanthren printing. Fully customizable to a variety of themes, incredibly detailed, and fantastically beautiful, our Indanthren printed room linens will amaze those lucky enough to sleep in them! 

Quality Materials in Every Part of the Hotel

Guests will interact with every part of the room. If cheap or uncomfortable material is a part of those interactions, that will be remembered and will cheapen the experience overall. To keep a theme alive, it’s quality and the hotel’s commitment to it can’t be questioned. That’s why only high-quality materials from a reliable, professional provider should be trusted with this task. 

RESUINSA Is Your Provider of High-Quality, Thematic Hotel Linens

No matter the theme of your hotel, RESUINSA has the materials, selection, and expertise to bring it to life. For more information, give us a call at 1(843) 801-3122, visit our website, check out our catalog, or contact us here