How to keep guests from removing mattress protectors from hotel beds

A guest’s memory of their stay at the hotel is strongly associated with their rest experience. Guests want to feel like they’re at home, not only for the atmosphere created by the elements that make up the room but also for the comfort offered by the bed. Their experience would be negative if they sleep poorly due to an uncomfortable mattress or a pillow or because the mattress protector is noisy or too warm. If the latter should occur, many guests end up removing mattress protectors, which could ruin the mattress in the process.

The new culture of rest required by clients has inspired Resuinsa to conduct research as part of their product development to cover these needs, as in the case of our mattress protector, with an aim to ensuring that it does not cause discomfort. Although it is an accessory that is not considered a priority because it is not visible, it offers a key function, as it protects the mattress and contributes to a guest’s full night’s rest. That is why we feel it is an essential element in making your guests’ stay pleasant and comfortable.

Our research has resulted in mattress protectors that will contribute to this culture of rest thanks to the introduction of new materials. In addition to 100% cotton, we have also included Tencel®, whose special features have made it our star material. The protector also contains other waterproof materials, such as a series of thin layers of polyurethane that are breathable and virtually noiseless.

Tencel is a 100% natural fiber from plant sources, just like cotton. It is obtained from wood pulp through an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. This fabric is in high demand from the hospitality sector because it acts as a second skin, regulating body temperature and ensuring high thermal insulation, which means that the mattress protector feels cool to the touch.

The innovation here has also been applied to the construction process, especially in connection with our sandwich mattress protectors. Instead of having just an upper and lower layer, this product features three layers, with the top and bottom layers made off of 100% cotton or Tencel®. The middle layer is made of polyurethane, ensuring a mattress protector that is waterproof, breathable, dust mite-proof, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, noiseless and also temperature regulating.

Our sandwich mattress protectors have become the number-one solution in guaranteeing a guest’s full night’s rest, thanks to their extreme softness – making them ideal for all of your guests including those with the most sensitive or delicate skin.