How to dress a Michelin star restaurant

Eating at a haute cuisine restaurant is one of the most enriching experiences you can have in your life. It’s an experience for our five senses, since not only the taste is delighted with the opportunity of trying a dish cooked with thoroughness, dedication and poetry, but the delicacy of the experience also lies in the arrangement of the mise en place in the dining room.

Nothing is by chance in a Michelin star restaurant, such as the ones run by prize-winning Spanish chef Martín Berasategui, who has placed his flagship restaurant, the one that carries his name, among the top 100 in the world, according to the prestigious list “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”.

The spacious and bright dining room of the establishment has a modern and avant-garde look achieved through the use of different textures, among which oak wood dominates. This ambience is dressed by the mise en place that takes place before every meal. This worldwide used phrase of French origin emerged in the late 19th century thanks to the ‘maestro of maestros’ of the Gallic cuisine, Auguste Escoffier. It refers to the way every element is arranged in the room, from the flatware and glassware to the table linen, furniture and décor items, in order to optimize time and to make customers enjoy so much that they won’t forget the culinary experience.

A ritual that in Martín Berasategui’s restaurant, which is located in Lasarte (Spain), is thoroughly defined by a preparation measured to the millimetre, always following the values of elegance, neatness and coherence. Coherence with the soul and the personality of its developer, who pervades every corner of the restaurant. With his mise en place, the Spanish chef with the most Michelin stars seeks to convey his gastronomic art, effort, enjoyment and appreciation for teamwork in the dining room every day. To do so, as he himself says, he tries to constantly renew himself, strike a chord with the customer, offer the best products and assist diners with an enchanting kindness.

A recognised and strict know-how in which everything is well coordinated and the room layout matches perfectly the chef’s imagery.

The preparation before each meal starts with the physical arrangement of the tables, it is followed by cleaning to get a spotless dining space and it concludes with the table setting. Table linen is of upmost importance, since placing it correctly is what gives the place that different and refined touch that really makes the diner feel in a high level establishment.

The tables at Martín Berasategui’s restaurant dress this renowned restaurant with quality and refinement. They are all made of white linen, carefully manufactured, which gives them a peerless elegance and, in spite of being a classic, remains a trend worldwide for its simplicity, purity, quality and style. Therefore, this material has been chosen, because table linen, just as other décor elements, conveys a feeling that allows the clientele to take away wonderful memories of the dining experience.

Likewise, to make tablecloths look perfect, all wrinkles and creases must be removed. Therefore, they are ironed twice, at the laundry service, and then they are touched up on the table right before it is set.

Next, a harmonic dance of the flatware, china, glassware, décor elements and accessories required takes place. All of them are arranged consistently with the rest of the décor elements of the restaurant, including the furniture pieces and the space layout. Constant touch-ups are key to keep everything looking flawless and comfortable in order to create a cosy atmosphere and a completely unforgettable feel.