Hotel Linen Customization Tips

In the tough world of the hospitality industry, the competition is never simply about comfort and leisure. Hotels go toe-to-toe against each other in a couple of areas, not least of which is appearance. First impressions on your hotel linen are everything.

More often than not, though, it’s not as straightforward as making a fashionable impression; it’s about making a lasting impression. How you leave your mark on key areas and aspects of your hotel business can mean the difference between losing sales and making regulars out of first-timers.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding on Hotel Linen Customization

There isn’t one correct way to go about customizing your linens and other items in your hotel; there only are better and more effective paths towards achieving the results that work best for your brand. So, here are the four questions you should be considering:

1.  What Are Your Options?

There are many ways you can customize your linens. The most common choices include printing and embroidery, but there are also more intricate customizations that involve creating textured patterns, colors, combining materials, etc. Which option suits your brand best? Examine each one thoroughly and weigh them against each other and against your business’ specific needs.

2. What Look Are You Going for?

Each option has its own impact on your linens and other items which, in turn, will affect your brand’s image and customer perception. This is why it is important to have in place an established image for both your brand and your business space. The rest, especially your customized linens, should follow.

3. What Materials Are Your Linens and Apparel Made of?

No amount of intricate embroidery, paneling or design can outweigh the importance of the quality your linens come in. Always start with high-quality, durable, presentable linens – linens that can stand on their own on the merits of their quality, and can match the defining image you wish to establish for your brand. Your linens’ material and manufacturing details should also be compatible and coherent with the customization method you’ve chosen.

4. Who Provides Your Linens?

The quality and integrity of your customized hotel linens depend on this more than anything else. In picking a hotel linen supplier, choose one that not only has a good reputation to speak but that has the quality and excellent craftsmanship to match the name.

Choose a company that specializes in custom hotel linens and offers you endless product options.

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