A Simple Guide to Hotel Duvet Inserts or Comforters and Hotel Duvet Covers

In terms of hotel bedding, duvets can be some of the most confusing items to buy and most expensive to replace. How do you know that you’re getting a hotel duvet and cover that can withstand frequent usage and necessary washing and still maintain its shape and quality?

Here are a few things to look for when shopping for hotel duvets and hotel duvet covers.

1. Construction.

Don’t think that you can hide a low-quality duvet with a colorful duvet color. For luxury and quality that your guests will notice and appreciate, invest in high-quality hotel duvet inserts.

Duvets are constructed in a variety of ways. Avoid duvets that utilize quilt stitching, as these are lower-quality, and instead purchase hotel duvets that are constructed with channels. Channel stitching allows the filling to distribute throughout the duvet more equally so that your duvet will not start to look uneven as often happens after multiple washings.

2. Convenience.

When it comes to hotel duvet covers, you should consider how easy it will be for your housekeeping staff to change the duvets. When your staff has to clean and change bedding in hundreds of rooms on a regular basis, even a few extra minutes spent wrangling a duvet insert and cover really adds up. Additionally, some duvets and covers are unwieldy and difficult to manage, requiring more than one employee to successfully change the duvet cover.

At Resuinsa, we offer duvet covers that have hand holes on the top, making it easy for your housekeeping staff to change a duvet alone. It’s easy: just take the duvet, whip it up and the insert is in place. This saves your staff time and your hotel business money. Plus, your guests are guaranteed to sleep under a clean duvet cover every night – no need for a flat sheet between the cover and the guest!

High-Quality Duvets from Resuinsa

We offer a premium selection of duvets specifically designed for luxury hotels. With a range of fillings, filling densities, exterior fabrics and construction styles available, you can find the right feel for your hotel.

Here are a few of the duvets that we offer:


Indulge your guests with this 100% polyester, siliconised and carded hollow fiber duvet, constructed using quilted horizontal channels with piping around the border. The exterior fabric is 100% cotton and the duvet comes in a variety of thicknesses for every climate.


This modern and elite duvet option has an exterior fabric made of 100% polyester microfiber and is filled with 100% polyester, siliconised and carded hollow fibre. With its quilted horizontal channels and border piping, this duvet holds its shape and retains quality through multiple washings. This duvet is available in a variety of thicknesses to match your climate.


For ultimate comfort and luxury, choose our PLUMA – PLUMÓN duvet, filled with 90% down and 10% small duck feathers. This duvet option is covered in 100% cotton down proof and features a cover with interior baffling and a double-stitched finish with piping. Standard thicknesses available for every climate to add a luxurious touch to your hotel.

Quality that weighs on your guests.

For more information about our hotel duvets and hotel duvet covers, contact us today! We will help you create a luxury hotel experience that will leave your guests in awe. Email us at your convenience at usa@resuinsa.com.