Exceptional Quality

We’ve all experienced something that was shockingly poor quality at some point. Whether it be a meal, a vehicle or a hotel stay.  These memories remain with us, long after the events have ended and are extremely hard to erase from one’s mind.

When Resuinsa was founded, our goal was that the products created and services offered would be of the highest level possible, in order to meet or exceed the equally-high expectations of our customers. These were the benchmarks that have allowed us to become, not simply a player, but rather the leader in today’s hotel linen industry. It was neither a quick nor an easy task at the start since there were (and still are) other low-cost options.

The key starting block was to identify the pain points and costs that hotels often experienced. After significant research was completed, a highly trained manufacturing team went to work to determine answers to the frequent question – how to supply world-class linen products, while simultaneously decreasing operational costs for hotels.

The results of our efforts have proven that our dedication to quality has met or exceeded not only those of our direct customer (we refer to them as our textile partners) but also for their guests. Experiential quality means new and repeat business.

To remain a benchmark in the hotel textile industry, Resuinsa continues to rely heavily on input from our suppliers, customers and guests for new ideas on how we can continuously improve our products and services. Your success, after all, is our ultimate goal. With our products now in use in the finest hotels in more than 70 countries, we’re certain we are on the right track.