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Effective Mattress Protection with RESUINSA

Protecting your hotel’s mattresses is vital for guest safety, mattress longevity, and your bottom line. Mattress protection is important, and RESUINSA has the materials and expertise to protect your mattresses while comforting your guests. 

The Importance of Mattress Protectors

One of the most effective ways to protect your business’s mattresses is by investing in quality mattress protectors. 

Mattress protectors serve a variety of purposes: protect the mattress, control dust mites, and resist spills. To get the most out of a mattress, mattress protectors are not only a wise investment, but a healthy one. There’s no better way to protect hotel guests from an older mattress or dust mites. As a result, there are very few reasons to not use mattress protectors. 

Mattress Protectors Offered by RESUINSA

When you work with RESUINSA, you’re working with the best. That goes for our linens, fabrics, and mattress protectors as well. We offer two kinds of mattress protectors: ecology and quilted fabric

Ecology Mattress Protectors

For finely-fitted and tightly-engineered mattress protection, Ecology Mattress Protectors are the perfect choice. Our Ecology Mattress Protectors are composed of materials for the ideal blend of comfort and safety (70% cotton, 30% polyester and polyurethane). Cotton makes the cover comfortable and breathable. Polyester and polyurethane contribute to liquid and dust-mite resistance.

Other benefits of our Ecology Mattress Protectors include:

– High-Temperature Capabilities. Able to withstand temperatures of over 220℉, our Ecology Mattress Protectors ensure hygienic and allergen-free cleaning.

– Reusability. Because of their superior engineering, your staff can simply flip the protector every other use instead of washing them every time. That cuts down on time, utilities, and man-power. 

– Cost-Effectiveness. Less expensive and easier to use than mattress encasement, Ecology Mattress Protectors offer the best for less. Not only in outright cost of the materials, but in the energy and resources needed to maintain them. 

– Superior Materials. With the expertly-engineered combination of polyester and polyurethane, you can rest easy knowing your mattresses and guests are safe. 

– Bed-Bug Resistance. To limit or manage bed-bug infestations, a mattress protector can be more economical and hygienical than bed-bug treated mattress encasements. Our mattress protectors are equipped with industrial elastics that cover the four sides of the mattress, which makes them easy to change every three days or every stay. Due to the use of these materials, our mattress protectors are washable at higher temperatures and are less prone to attract bed bugs. They keep bed bugs out and ensure your guest a good sleep in a clean bed.

Quilted Fabric

Our quilted fabric mattress covers are designed for luxurious comfort. With a composition of 100% microfiber polyester and a secure, tight-fitting design, your mattresses will be comfortable and stylish. Our Quilted Fabric mattress covers will turn an aging mattress back into a star. 

These mattress covers fully cover all sides of the beds they’re used on, and comply with all U.S. laws and regulations. Additionally, with optional poly-vinyl chloride lining, these luxurious mattress covers can be liquid-resistant. 

RESUINSA is Your Mattress Cover and Protection Expert

No matter the requirement, RESUINSA has the materials to make your guests happy and your mattresses comfortable. We understand the needs and troubles of the hospitality industry and cater to them. From high-quality, professional linens to premium, long-lasting mattress covers, RESUINSA is here to help. 

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