Do You Know Where Your Linens Are From?

Have you checked your linen tags lately?

Made in Europe is often a stand-in for:

  • Quality
  • Craftmanship
  • Tradition
  • Luxury

It’s the same reason that we’re drawn to vases from China or spices from India: The use of European linen in your hotel sends a message to your guests that you value these qualities and only want the best for your customers.

Where Your Linens Truly Are From

It’s no surprise that many linen distributors/manufacturers favor and even highlight selling premium “European-made” linens to hoteliers. They market their linens as having been made in top linen destinations like Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Belgium.

But not all that glitters is gold, or in this case, truly European. Many linens marketed as European-made are actually made in India and Turkey, effectively deceiving hotel owners and guests alike.   

Don’t let the European-sounding name fool you and check before you buy, to see if you are getting the most out of your money.

The Problem with Misrepresentation

In the retail market, linens made elsewhere than Europe can hold out on their own, make no mistake about it. They can be as high in quality and as luxurious as their more expensive European counterparts and, when picked wisely and maintained well, can get the job done.

But in the hotel industry, misrepresenting how and where linens are made, however, is problematic for a few obvious reasons:

 – You are not getting the quality you are expecting. European linens have earned their reputation for quality and luxury from hundreds of years of expert craftsmanship and tradition. There is little chance any other linen-manufacturing tradition will come close to what European linen craftsman have achieved.  

 – You might be paying more for something that should cost significantly less. Both the reputation and quality come with European-made linens all contribute to the often-hefty price that they come in. It would be wrong to have to pay the price of European-made linens and get anything other than that.  

 – You’re not getting what you think you’re getting. Lots of companies will use European-sounding names to try to imply that their linens are from Europe when they’re not. At the end of the day, if you’re looking for truly European linens, then this can cause problems for you.

Transparency is Quality Service

Stop losing your budget over questionable claims over the quality of linens! Here’s how you can tell where your linens are from.

Double-check labels. Check and recheck the labels on linens to find out the truth for yourself.

Do your due diligence and explore supply and supplier options. Check out other options for supplies and more importantly, suppliers. It’s a time-consuming process but the extra effort you put in here will help out in the long run.

Pick a linen distributor that even the big names trust. It may sound counterintuitive if you intend to save on the cost of your linens, but you may be surprised at how competitive these topnotch linen suppliers’ prices are. Not to mention, companies with a great reputation for integrity and transparency are ones that would never lie to you about the quality of their linens. Resuinsa is one of the only companies that goes through strict audit by OEKOTEX ASSOCIATION every quarter that checks on these six modules: chemicals, environmental performance, environmental management, social responsibility, quality management and safety.

Discover more about our European linens today! Contact RESUINSA or check out our catalogs to find out more.