Designs that provide identity to an establisment

Linens play an essential role in the decoration of any establishment. Therefore, it must be consistent with all other elements. Moreover, depending on the materials and colours used, different sensations can be roused. For example, sheer fabrics in light colours, such as blue and mauve, convey calm and freshness.

All the elements that form an ambiance have to be put together to achieve a consistent and pleasant result, and linens can be given particular prominence. This harmony between the elements can be seen in the last interior design trends, according to which fabrics must go with the rest of the decoration to produce a unique experience to reinforce the identity of the hotel or the restaurant.

The new trends in the catering industry seek to transport the customer to a global setting with a unique design thanks to this harmony. For this reason, it is very important to provide a personalized service and thus, from Resuinsa, we offered our customers the possibility of creating the product they need through our service Atelier.

One of the trends to dress the hotels and restaurants is based on natural elements. Inspiration can come from beach settings, in which elements, like the coral and the turquoise shades of the sea, provide freshness and softness. In rural atmospheres, the decorative elements recall the wood, the leaves and the trees through a range of brown, beige and off-white tones.

Pastel colours are still the order of the day. Pink, mauve, blue, grey and white shades create soft and delicate ambiences. The industrial style is also in fashion and it recalls big cities like New York and gives the opportunity to experiment with bolder colours, such as black and yellow.

With these trends, which can be seen in the collections created by the service Atelier, every establishment can project its own personality. In addition, design must be linked with functionality and resistance, since hotel and restaurant linens are exposed to intensive use and constant washing.