Decorating Your Hotel for the Holidays

There is nothing like holiday decor to usher in this wonderful season. Whether you’re looking for glitzy and glamorous or going for a homey feel that brings in the seasonal nostalgia, we have just the tips you need for decorating your hotel for the holidays!

1. Pick a theme and stick with it.

When it comes to effective decor, the key is coherence. Whether you’re going for a clean, minimalist look or for an over-the-top recreation of a holiday village, it is important to incorporate decor and design elements that complement your chosen theme as well as the theme of your hotel. Explore different elements of your theme and pick one for a focal piece in the lobby. You can go with popular themes like a classic holiday look of mistletoes and trees, a snowy village, or Santa’s toy workshop. You can also go bold with a 50s-inspired retro vibe with pastels and kitsch, structural pieces with unexpected or upcycled materials, or an unusual color scheme like neon for a modern vibe.

2. Find small things that make a huge impact.

Major impact is a priority but never forget the impact of the small things. Use holiday-themed soaps, add little trinkets to your welcome basket in your rooms – the range of options are endless!

3. Dress up for the occasion.

Add a touch of holiday cheer to your employee uniforms. It can be as simple as a little holiday badge or pin for your regular uniforms, or as massive as a changeup in uniform colors to holiday shades.  

4. Never underestimate the power of scent.

The olfactory senses are connected to memories – bring in a little holiday cheer with scents that remind your guests of the holiday season.

5. Make a grand entrance.

Welcome your guests in full holiday style by dressing up your windows, entryways, doors, and allowable curb space. Your focal point may be in the lobby and the lounge but your guests should not have to wait until they’re inside to be ushered into your hotel’s holiday bonanza. It can be as simple as a logo mat or something bigger like a structure or an actual tree.  

6. Invest in good lighting.

Nothing transforms any room more than good lighting – and an overload of lights is really all you need to create the perfect holiday ambiance. Go for tiny white or blue twinkles, classic yellow lights, retro multi-colored bulbs, or experiment with oversized ones!

7. Add local flair to your decor.

Market your locale by incorporating decor elements that best represent your city. You can go for local flora like cacti if you’re in a desert city, or lighted palm trees for those in the tropics are popular choices. You can also incorporate local scenery and common souvenir items.

The holiday season always provides the perfect excuse to indulge – so go ahead and lavish your guests with holiday decor galore! How are you decorating your hotel for the season?

Happy holidays from all of us here at Resuinsa!