Colour finds its way into hotel textiles

As a symbol for cleanliness, white is associated with pureness. In the case of hotel linens, this colour is chosen for more reasons: it is more resistant to washings, it is easier to deal with, logistically speaking, and it is also timeless. Despite all these motives, in the years to come a change in trend is likely to occur. At least, this is the belief of Mamen Pérez, manager of Carmela Martí, a company that provides textile decoration services and specializes in textiles for hotels and large public spaces, in addition to comprehensive decoration services for hotel establishments, nursing homes and hospitals.

“We may see a change in the years to come. So far, hotel managers did not want to take a risk and did not dare try colours because of the problems involved in washing. Nevertheless, now there are some ideas that can succeed”, ventures to say Mamen Pérez.

Among luxury hotels there is a trend not to choose totally white bed linens, since the goal is to create experiences and the new trends can offer interesting ones.

White bedding started entering powerfully into the hotels in the 90s. Before that, most of them used coloured bedding. At that time, white meant a total renewal effect, which gradually expanded and even so we may now experience a 180 degree turn.

New collections

In the new collections we have launched, which we presented nationally at Hostelco and internationally at Equip Hotel Paris, colour has been introduced. In fact, Acqua, Spring Rose, Yellow & Black, Brown Forest and Red and Blue Velvet represent a common point between Spain and the trends being set in other countries.

The Acqua collection takes the sea, the water and other marine elements as references, being the sand, the corals, the algae and the sponges the protagonists in their textiles. Spring Rose is evocative of spring with its light and powdery colours. Yellow & Black is inspired by metropolitan and industrial modern settings. Brown Forest consists in textures and colours that resemble the wood, the leaves, the stones and the trees. Red and Blue Velvet are dominated by embroideries with velvet and cotton to create sophisticated ambiences.