Berasategui, eight Michelin stars with much personality


Another star shines in the track record of Basque chef Martín Berasategui, Resuinsa’s ambassador around the world. The Michelin Guide awards were granted yesterday and Berasategui’s Lasarte eatery in Barcelona achieved the 3-stars status.

Berasategui opened Lasarte restaurant in 2006 and, after this success, he has already got a total of eight Michelin stars. We must remember that he has already got three stars in MB in the town of Lasarte and two more in his eatery in Tenerife. Last night he said he felt like he was on cloud nine and that he was the happiest man in the world as a result of the work he had done “con mucho garrote, the Spanish word he often uses to express the strength and motivation he puts in his projects.

This way, our ambassador also gives Barcelona its first restaurant with three stars of the renowned guide, whose Italian chef de cuisine Paolo Casagrande has “an innate talent for cooking”, as Berasategui stated.

Last September we signed a collaboration agreement with the Basque chef as Resuinsa’s ambassador. We both share the same values in terms of quality, internationalization, transparency and innovation, all this together with 40 years of experience. In fact, the chef joined us for our 40th anniversary celebration.

So, in Resuinsa we are very proud that our ambassador has won a new Michelin star thanks to all his effort and expertise. Big congratulations!