There is no other item in your hotel room that your guests will spend more time with than your sheets. So, if you’re going to put time and money into researching and procuring high-quality luxury products for your hotel rooms, shouldn’t most of those resources be allocated towards finding the best sheets?


At Resuinsa, we provide only the finest sheets aimed at creating an exclusive design and feel for your hotel rooms. With a wide variety of light, cool and highly-durable sheets, you can find sheets that set the mood for your entire hotel experience.


We offer curated collections of percale (taffeta) sheets and sateen sheets with thread counts ranging from 130 to 1,000. Read more about our collections below!




Sheets in our percale collection feature a composition of either 50% polyester/50% cotton or 100% cotton. This light, invigorating and supremely comfortable collection will complement any hotel aesthetic. It’s also easy to maintain and lasts the longest in industrial laundry. Ideally, this sheet is used for the less judgemental guest




Our plain sateen sheets are available in a range of thread counts, from 200 to 1,000. This collection features soft and luxurious colors like Dover White, Dover Ivory, Dover Beige, Dover Grey and Dover Blue and comes in 100% cotton or 50% cotton/50% polyester blends. These sheets are selected by the highest range of hotels with the most demanding guests worldwide. Resuinsa can offer a hotel sheets of any preference or composition to suit your guests and guarantee the best night’s sleep.



Nothing makes your hotel bedding a little classier and more stylish than a striped sheet. Our Branson White, Adair White, Boston White and Hollywood White-striped sheets will elevate any hotel room. This collection is available in 100% cotton, 50% cotton/50% polyester, and 60% cotton/40% polyester blends.



Our final collection is for hotels looking to stay trendy with the latest in hotel sheets and colors. We have a variety of colors and patterns for you to choose from, including Apex White, Dakota White, Virginia White, Acqua White, Grid White, Denton White and Ivory, Madison White, Ivory and Blue, Jersey White and Ivory and Allen White and Ivory. Available in 100% cotton and 50% cotton/50% polyester blends.



Want to learn more about our luxury hotel sheets? Contact our hotel linen experts today to find out more about our exclusive collections.