Pillows and Pillowcases


Redefine your brand of luxury and pampering with the right choice of pillows only from Resuinsa! Explore the many different ways you can spoil your guests and elevate the ambiance and feel of your hotel room with the largest selection of hotel pillows to suit every brand’s preference.


The Five-Star Choice


Resuinsa products have long been the choice of countless global hospitality brands, five-star hotels, and international chains for their lounge and bedroom implements. We have a wide assortment of pillows and pillow protectors that will suit any hotel type, location, and image – all guaranteed to come in the same kind of luxurious quality, durable construction and material, and excellence in design fit for luxury brands:



Pillows. Our selection caters to all types of hotels and preferences, offering standard options ranging in an array of pillow sizes, exterior materials, fillings, firmness, and sizes. You’ll surely find the pillows that suit the brand of deluxe staying experience your hotels offer. Our selection also includes special pillows, including microgel and viscogel pillows for more specific purposes.


Pillow Protectors. For superior pillow protection without losing the plush comfort of your pillows, there’s always Resuinsa’s choices of pillow protectors. Available in various sizes to suit your existing pillows.


Quality Second to None


The impression you leave on your guests is only as good as their last stay. Create an experience so unforgettable that it will make them want to come back to you over and over again with the right choice of beddings and pillows.


Resuinsa is your most reliable name for quality beddings, pillows, and other hospitality supplies. It is the name trusted all over the world by some of the most known brands in hospitality, including five-star hotels and international chains.


We believe in the kind of quality that sets your business apart, which is why we offer every kind of product available, making sure you find the ones that perfectly suit your brand. We use a combination of business intelligence, expert industry experience, and unmatched dedication to quality that makes us a premiere choice for hospitality necessities.


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