RESUINSA Hotel Duvets and Duvet Covers


Nothing says pampered and lush like an exquisite set of hotel duvets and duvet covers. Give your guests the hotel stay they will never forget with ultra-luxurious set duvets and duvet covers only from RESUINSA!


RESUINSA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hotel duvets and duvet covers. Our handpicked selection has been expertly curated for optimal bedroom aesthetics and quality hotel experience. Our duvets and duvet covers come in a wide range of materials, fillings, fabrics, thickness, and construction variety to deliver the quality of hotel experience you wish to give your guests.


Ref. Polyfiber. Our polyfiber duvet selection is made of 100% polyester, siliconized and carded hollow fiber for exceptional durability, designed to last multiple washings. It features quilted horizontal channels with border piping for an opulent look, covered in 100% cotton exterior to complete the lush feel. The duvet comes in a range of thickness options to suit different climates.  


Ref. Microfibra. The RESUINSA Microfibra line of duvets features a 100% polyester microfiber exterior and 100% polyester fillings. Its quilted horizontal channels and border piping ensures optimum durability and a comfortable feel. We offer these duvets in a variety of thicknesses to suit different climates.


Ref. Pluma – Plumon. Nothing could get more luxurious than  a sleeping experience with our RESUINSA Pluma-Plumon line of exquisite duvets. This selection boasts a filler of combined 90% down and 10% small duck feathers for the ultimate indulgence. What’s more, the Pluma-Plumon has a 100% cotton down proof exterior. This duvet also comes with a cover with interior baffling and a double-stitched finish with piping.


RESUINSA Knows Luxury and Quality


RESUINSA is a company founded on 100 years of history. If there is anything we know from all these years of being in the industry, it’s that convenience should not have to come at the cost of luxury. That is why we at RESUINSA take all the necessary steps to ensure that every item that we offer our clientele has been picked with the luxury hotel business in mind.


We put quality at the pinnacle of our standards, making sure that each item meets the highest criteria for integrity of material and construction, bringing together exceptional superiority in looks and durability to provide a truly lasting impression to guests.


Pamper Your Guests the RESUINSA Way!


For luxury hotel duvets and duvet covers that meet your standards and your guests’ expectations, choose RESUINSA! Contact us today to get started.