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Pool Towels Made with Excellence


RESUINSA is your number one source for pool towels that meet your hospitality brand’s five-star standards:


Colors. Choose from our wide selection of towel colors and find the hue that works perfectly with your brand.


Textures. There is an endless number of ways to deliver comfort and luxury – and pool towels from RESUINSA allow you to explore these possibilities with different towel textures!


Prints. Bring more of your brand’s distinct look to the pool with our wide range of prints for you to choose from!  


All of RESUINSA’s pool towels are guaranteed to be:


Made of the highest-quality fabrics. Quality is a non-negotiable for RESUINSA so you can rest assured that these pool towels are designed to not only be comfortable but to also be strong enough for commercial washing.


Built for easy maintenance. RESUINSA makes linen maintenance easy and convenient to help ensure that your company does not lose more time and resources in maintenance, making them the perfect addition to your linen supply.


Fully customizable. RESUINSA provides you with endless customization options to transform every towel into one that brings out the best of your brand.


Global Brand for the Global Company


RESUINSA has been the choice of many of the world’s biggest hotel and resort brands for their linen needs, thanks to the enviable quality of our linen products. There is so much attention to detail and excellence in every product we deliver – and our pool towels are no different.


Each item in our selection is a testament to our philosophy as a company. We value your need to deliver quality and an unforgettable experience to your clients, as well as your need for long-lasting durability and consistent quality your customers will truly appreciate.  


Be one of the many companies across the world that carry the RESUINSA quality guarantee in their linen sources. Contact us today or check our catalogs to learn more about what we can bring to your business.