Hotel Bath Robes and Bath Slippers


Take luxury and relaxation to another level with RESUINSA’s newest and most impressive line of specialized hotel bath robes and bath slippers designed for the most distinguished guests.


Products Fit for Royalty


Give your guests seven-star indulgence fit for royalty with our line of bed and bath accoutrements. The wide-ranging selections in this line have been well-curated, with every little bit of detail consciously added to enhance guest experience and build a truly lasting impression.


Hotel Bath Robes


  • Available in a range of sizes including special sizes
  • Comes with a selection of materials and fabric weaves, including high-quality 100% cotton selections and cotton-combination options
  • Incredible plush feel for that sublime, luxury-hotel feel
  • Different styles and textures to choose from to suit your brand’s desired aesthetics
  • Designed for durability and can stand strong against the wear and tear of commercial use and repeated washing
  • Full range of customization options for your branding and marketing needs


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Hotel Bath Slippers


  • Made of superior 92% cotton/8% polyester material
  • Available in white for the classic luxury hotel look
  • Features hard polyurethane and PVC sole for optimum durability
  • Confection and white trim design for a more stylish look


Global Brand for Your Global Business


RESUINSA is the boost you need to give your guests a hotel stay they can never forget. We combine our refined taste for hotel and resort luxury and our business expertise to deliver products and services designed for the global hotel. All our items have been subjected to a very high level of quality control to ensure that they represent the kind of world-class quality you desire for your hotel to exude.


And the evidence is clear: we have a long list of happy high-end clients from across the globe, reaping the rewards of expertly-selected products.


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