At the forefront of trends

The new collections of Resuinsa are in line with the trends of designers, decorators and architects, as shown at the stand ‘Studio 16’ at Equip Hotel Paris trade fair. This stand is designed by the experts of the international venue to portray the “ideal” hotel establishment which is at the forefront of innovation and the decoration and equipment trends.

In Studio 16 the novelties developed by experts such as Serge Trigano, Hervé Defrennes, Julie Gauthron, Elizabeth Leriche, Thierry Marx, Enrique Nalda or Studio MHNA, among others, have been made public with the premise of the customer experience. Their proposals consist in hotel rooms with beds that combine comfort and technology, all of this in harmony with the furniture and in pastel and sophisticated colours.

Regarding the hotel halls, at Studio 16 there were displayed decorative and functional spaces exploring the new design trends, creating this way a lively place that blends with the city environment.

Thus, Resuinsa’s general manager, Félix Martí, has pointed out that the new collections Acqua, Spring Rose, Yellow & Black, Brown Forest or Red and Blue Velvet, all of them included in the new service Atelier, “are in line with the trends being used in Paris, because they have created textiles using light colours, inspired by the urban atmosphere or the very nature. All of this to make the customer’s experience as comfortable as possible”.

One of the most outstanding collections has been the Acqua Collection, which takes the sea, the water and other marine elements as references, being the sand, the corals, the algae and the sponges the protagonists in their textiles.

Likewise, at the stand there were also shown the rest of creations developed by the service Atelier, such as the Spring Rose Collection, evocative of spring with its light and powdery colours; the Yellow & Black Collection, inspired by metropolitan and industrial modern settings; Brown Forest, consisting in textures and colours close to wood, leaves, stones and trees; and the Red and Blue Velvet Collection, dominated by embroideries with velvet and cotton to create sophisticated ambiences.

The new service Atelier

Resuinsa’s stand at Equip Hotel was a focal point for trends, where many customers and designers stopped by. There was also presented at international level Atelier, a service with which customers are offered the brand’s interior decorators and designers to achieve exclusive and customized textiles. This way, the product fits perfectly with the decoration projects and the customization of any hotel or establishment.

Atelier is the fruit of the work done to provide customers the best service and to achieve exclusiveness and distinction in their textiles”, has stated Martí, who has also said that this service shows “the company’s constant innovation and an empathy instinct towards the most demanding needs of this sector”.