A new milestone in the history of Resuinsa

Look to the future but with your feet firmly in the present”.

This phrase by Félix Martí Olivares, founder of Resuinsa, is the company’s standard. This philosophy, together with effort, work and dedication, has enabled us to progress, grow, open new markets and celebrate our 40th anniversary.

Founded in 1976, Resuinsa is the leading sector company in Spain and operates in 81 countries on five continents. Our pillars are quality, innovation and the internationalisation of our products.

Now we’ve decided to mark these four decades of tireless activity with a celebration. We recently inaugurated our offices in Alboraya, facing the Mediterranean Sea. A bright, transparent work space. An updated image that we’ll reinforce even more as of next month.

September 21st will mark a new milestone in the history of the company.