5 New Collections from Resuinsa: The Last Trends in Bed and Table linen for Hotels and Restaurants

Starting the New Year early at HOSTELCO, Resuinsa is showing the latest designs from its Atelier service, displaying the style that will adorn the beds and tables of restaurants and hotels around the world.

The Acqua, Spring Rose, Yellow & Black, Brown Forest and Red and Blue Velvet lines will set trends and enhance hotel comfort.


The Acqua line takes its inspiration from the sea and water. The turquoise green of the sea, lapping against white sands, the coral motifs, the natural sponges and the marine plants of the sea-floor are the inspiration for the design team’s creation of fresh and luminous spaces, in the city or in holiday retreats, offering tranquility, calm and harmony.

Aqua Resuinsa 1

The duvet covers have coral designs woven into the highest quality and softest jacquard, and the array of pillows and throw pillows set off the sea-inspired bedrooms with their designer touch. The marine motif flows on into the bathroom.

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The table linen conveys the freshness of an outdoor terrace and the table runners evoke the sea floor. The predominant colours of the pool and beach towels are inspired by the sea horizon with its different shades of green, turquoise blue, in soft velvet textures with a unique design that is fresh and in tune with modern aquatic environments.

Spring Rose

The Spring Rose theme is reminiscent of spring with its light and powdery colours, with shades of pink, mauve, blue, grey and white. For Mamen Pérez, head of Carmela Martí, “these colours convey serenity, delicacy, comfort and are full of light expressed in fresh textures of linen and cotton”.

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Spring Rose Resuinsa 2

“We envisage soft, soothing colours like pink quartz or mauve for the bedroom. It is inspired above all by flowers and roses, with delicately soft, light lines in fabrics with waved hemstitch borders”, she explains.

Yellow & Black

Another of the Hotel Linen Experiences is Yellow & Black which transports us to a more urban setting. As such, it is a bolder style, cutting edge with a hint of the industrial. The colour contrast moves between yellow and black, which, together with white, gives the fabrics strength and personality. An elegant, urban touch runs through it with its geometric and classic patterns of wide and narrow stripes, squares and houndstooth in fabrics with a slightly masculine aura.

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In the bathroom, the towels are soft and the selected materials are linen and cotton with design features embroidered in yellow and black. The table settings are colourful, perfectly presented, full of contrast, daring, and modern with materials such as cotton embroidered mainly with geometric patterns.

Yellow Black Resuinsa 2

The table cloths, napkins and table runners are designed to match more cosmopolitan table settings, offering that extra touch, while in more informal table arrangements, they offer a modern look or even a hint of industrial edge – these new lines provide eye-catching design with the highest quality details and finish.

Brown Forest

We now come to Brown Forest with its texture and colour motifs suggesting wood, leaves, stones and trees, in a palette of different shades of unvarnished brown, beige and white that provide the base colours for this composition inspired by nature and the countryside.

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While the bedroom is all linen sheets in natural colours, with brown embroidery providing contrast in the finish and conveying warmth and serenity, in the bathroom, the soft, silky towels are made from natural and environmentally-friendly materials such as bamboo.

Brown Forest Resuinsa 2

The table linen blends textures such as linen and cotton with embroidered motifs inspired by nature. Tree leaves are the main theme, enhanced by new design touches with individual table runners embroidered with coloured stitchwork. The tables are perfectly turned out for the fresh air and sit easily in an outdoor setting.

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For the poolside, there are velvety towels in neutral colours with a wide range of matching accessories such as bags and wash bags with decorated borders.

Red and Blue Velvet

We now turn to the Red & Blue Velvet line, inspired by an elegant, sophisticated and contemporary feel. The main materials are velvet and cotton in a colour palette based on darker hues of red wine and deep blue, balanced by anthracite and stone grey, set off against a perfect white.

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In the bedroom, the high-quality white sheets set off by geometric patterns of deep blue and bright red are the main feature, while the bathroom offers towels with striped borders alongside soft, luxuriant dressing gowns.

Red and Blue Velvet Resuinsa 2

These garments are trimmed in shades of blue. Similarly, the thread towels have decorated borders for added elegance. For the table linen, the traditional weave and finish, such as the embroidery in tones of stone and grey, are notable features, providing elegance and sophistication.

Martín Berasategui Table Linen

Also being launched at the fair is the Martín Berasategui table linen range for restaurants and hotels, the fruit of a partnership with the renowned chef Martín Berasatuegu, who has to date been awarded seven Michelin stars.

This range conveys a clearly international style, a passion for innovation and a commitment to quality. The material chosen for this exclusive table linen is natural white linen with the signature of the gifted chef clearly visible. When it came to designing this unique item, the designers were inspired by the qualities of transparency, teamwork and international reputation that are the basis of the Resuinsa-Martín Berasategui partnership.

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