Trends for decorating the table for Christmas and New Year Eve
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Estilo cllasico

Trends for decorating the table for Christmas

One of the most special moments of Christmas is when the family gathers around the table for lunch or dinner. Therefore, setting up a wonderful table is essential to give this occasion the importance it deserves. While some are looking forward to these holidays to unleash their creativity, others panic thinking about how to decorate their homes. No matter which group you belong to, Carmela Martí Decoración presents us different styles and their trends so that you can surprise your diners this year.

Classical style

This is the traditional Christmas decoration, but without any loss of elegance. A classical table must include all the elements of the table setting etiquette. Start by choosing the table linens, opting for light shades to avoid overdecorating it. A combination that will leave the diners speechless consists of a damask tablecloth with a linen overlay with a border that matches the colours in the damask.

Then choose the charger plate, which can be golden to add a touch of colour. The dinnerware can be white or have golden accents. The cutlery must be arranged in order following the rules: the utensils on the outside are the ones you use first. Golden cutlery is fashionable; although you should be careful the table doesn’t end up looking like a treasure chest.

Nordic style

Estilo nórdico

It is ideal to combine with modern decorations with a more minimalist style, where traditional Christmas decorations don’t make much sense. It is a fresher and more casual decoration, but no less cared for. Details are key!

Start with the basics, the tablecloth. Choose a colour palette with pastel and dusty shades and pair it with napkins in the same tones. Green or even red shades can be combined to add a Christmas touch. Natural decoration elements, such as napkin rings made of small branches or rope, add a very original Christmas touch. Wood works very well in the Nordic style, too. It can be incorporated through a wooden charger plate or the centrepiece.

Rustic style

Christmas makes us think of snowy landscapes, family home evenings by the fireplace and natural elements, such as the Christmas tree or the holly. Therefore, the rustic style fits in nicely with this season, since it provides that cosy feeling.

A rustic style table must be dressed up with a chequered tablecloth, of course, since this is what will create the first dramatic effect. The rest of the decoration is built around this element, using the same colours: red, green and white shades.

Ideally, the dinnerware should be made of more rustic materials, such as earthenware dishes in white. For the centrepiece, unleash your creativity and use natural elements, such as holly, pinecones or walnuts. You can also use poinsettias, which are very typical for this season.

Urban style

estilo urbano

This style features simple and elegant tables in which less is more. In this case, Carmela Martí has chosen a tablecloth made of white linen with silver embroideries. To achieve a more festive look, you can lay placemats on top of the tablecloth. The dinnerware can be plain or a little more ornate with silver decorations and silver cutlery.

This is an elegant style with refined table linens, in which, however, there is no need to follow the etiquette. Thus, the napkins and the cutlery can be arranged in a more original way. As it is a very simple table, you can opt for a more striking centrepiece, either with natural flowers or different silver coloured elements.

Which is your style? No matter your style, these ideas will certainly help you to create a table that will make a difference and surprise your diners. And always remember that a good tablecloth is the key to a well-set table.

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