The VITA beach bag: recycled and recyclable to keep on giving

Ever more customers are demanding real initiatives regarding the use of environmentally friendly sustainable products. And this is precisely what the Resuinsa beach bag from the VITA Collection offers: a 100% sustainable product made from recycled materials that can, in turn, be recycled again.

Made from post-consumer garments, the VITA beach bag pays credit to its name, giving a new life to products that would otherwise become waste. Moreover, the straps and fastener are made from recycled leather. It is an example of innovation and sustainability to create products that are part of a 100% circular economy.

Recycling does not have to mean a compromise between design and quality: the VITA beach bag is both stylish and able to carry everything you need comfortably. In fact, the inside is resin-coated to avoid any water seeping through if it gets wet. The bag can also be personalised with a corporate logo through silk-screen printing.

Eco-friendly products such as the VITA beach bag make their own small contribution. They help support multiple uses for post-consumer products so we can continue to give back and bring life to our only home: planet Earth.