The United Nations Global Compact certifies Resuinsa as a sustainable supplier

The firm took international training alongside more than 2,000 companies.

Corporate commitment to sustainable development that lies at the heart of the SDGs should run throughout everything they do. Supply chains, as drivers underpinning the global economy, need to be aware of sustainability trends, implement tools to foster the integration of sustainability into business strategies and internalise the main international frameworks and standards.

‘As part of Resuinsa’s commitment and dedication to sustainability, and our awareness of the role we play throughout the supply chain, we have been certified as Sustainable Suppliers after successfully completing training provided by the United Nations Global Compact’, states Resuinsa CEO, Félix Martí.

Specifically, the five-month Sustainable Supplier Training Programme ended last June. It aims to provide specific training on the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact and SDGs for SMEs supplying large companies that have signed up to the initiative in Spain. The training had an international approach with a focus on both Spanish and overseas suppliers.

The first edition of this programme welcomed over 2,000 SME suppliers from around the world, including Resuinsa as a textile manufacturer for the hospitality industry. It provided knowledge and resources on the SDGs and Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, and helped to raise awareness of national, European and international regulatory frameworks for sustainability. Some of the topics covered were linked to human rights, labour and environmental standards, and the fight against corruption. Moreover, it also included a module on business internationalisation.

According to Martí, ‘thanks to this type of initiative from the United Nations, companies continue to make progress in terms of sustainability and their ability to more effectively implement all issues related to the 17 global goals and 2030 Agenda. It represents a guarantee which, for Resuinsa, involves the large international hotel chains we work alongside, thanks to our presence in over 140 countries across five continents’.