The success of our pillows

There is a product that makes an hotel stay be remembered in a better or worse way: pillows. Many hotels boast a pillow menu that adapts to everyone’s needs.

In Resuinsa we are aware of the importance of this sleeping element. In fact, hotel guests keep a pleasant feeling with them after sleeping with our pillows, which are highly sought-after in our online shop by customers from all around the world. For example, one of our customers commented in one of the last emails we have received recently that his rest was “exceptional” thanks to the pillows of a hotel in Dubai and another customer said, from Jamaica, that they are “fabulous”.

This product should be chosen properly and fit everyone’s sleep positions, since our body relaxes while we are sleeping. Therefore, there are pillows in different sizes and shapes, with fillings made of natural or synthetic materials, softer or firmer, providing this way a selection of more than 20 different types.

In Resuinsa we offer the following pillows in our online shop, since they are the most sought-after:

  • It is ideal for those people who usually sleep on their stomach. With this pillow, the body and the back maintain the same angle.
  • Medium soft.There are some people who change their sleep position throughout the night, therefore this pillow helps the sleeper adapt to the different positions the body adopts.
  • There is also a pillow for those people who sleep on their side. This way, they can keep their spine straight to avoid waking up with back pain.

A fibre pillow is also available and it helps keep the neck and the head in a straight position to provide maximum stability and enjoy a good rest

Apart from providing a comfortable rest, each country or region dresses the bed in a more or less simple way, and pillows and squared pillows play an essential role in this regard.