Sustainable textiles with GOTS certification

Here at Resuinsa we are committed to offering sustainable textiles. This is why we  have been awarded the Global Textile Organic Standard certificate (GOTS)—an international hallmark that guarantees sustainability in the textile sector. It is one of the top standards in the world independently certifying that the cotton used comes from organic/ecological agriculture.

The GOTS standard is the world leader for textile processing with organic fibres, and includes ecological and social criteria being followed throughout the manufacturing chain.

The certification sets out globally recognised requirements to ensure organic textile status: from obtaining the raw material to correct labelling. Ecological agriculture guarantees optimum sustainable use of local natural resources. Indeed, organic cotton is collected by hand and its transformation process into yarn does not use chemical dyes or whiteners.

In this sense, our customers can be safe in the knowledge that Resuinsa makes sustainable textiles that are ecologically and socially responsible. GOTS certification covers all phases: textile processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling and distribution.

The environmental requirements for GOTS certification include eliminating products that are harmful or hazardous to health. All chemicals thus need to be assessed and comply with requirements regarding toxicity and biodegradability. Critical inputs such as heavy metals or aromatic solvents are also banned, in addition to synthetic starches, azo dyes and plastisol-based printing methods using phthalates and PVC. In turn, GOTS comprehensively reviews environmental policy and procedures regarding textile manufacturing.

GOTS includes social criteria that assess whether companies comply with criteria based on International Labour Organization standards (ILO), which Resuinsa has implemented. Moreover, it states that management with clearly defined criteria must be implemented to ensure compliance.

In the same vein, technical quality criteria must be met, such as resistance to dry rubbing, sweat, light, washing and reduced values after laundering. The raw materials, intermediate and end products, as well as accessories, should follow strict limits with regard to undesirable waste.

It should be stated that Resuinsa already has STeP certification that includes guarantees of sustainable production. Indeed, we were the first firm in the hospitality sector—and one of the few in other sectors—to be awarded the STeP certificate. Through the OEKO-TEX® association, the programme ensures international compatibility with standard criteria that are continually and exhaustively analysed, assessed and audited.

Along these lines, Resuinsa continues to be firmly focused on sustainability and caring for our planet, doing our bit to make the world a better place. We have a firm environmental and social commitment that can be seen in our daily work and is clearly reflected by being awarded these certification standards.