Spanish textile quality captivates the global hospitality sector

European countries and other continents, such as America, have honed in on the quality and design of textiles being manufactured for the hospitality sector. ‘Our country is becoming an example to follow thanks to key areas such as the innovations being developed and our product selection offering tailoring and trends that companies demand’, states Resuinsa CEO, Félix Martí.

Along these lines, Martí comments that Resuinsa has a presence in 115 countries across the five continents, meaning ‘Spain is a benchmark in the sector. Our textiles are highly regarded and, for example, we know that US customers like the quality, good taste, design and professionalization we offer. For this reason, we make tailored products that match their requirements’.

In turn, he explains that both on the US eastern seaboard—especially Boston—and on the west coast in California, ‘our products get positive reactions. Indeed, we are competing with the biggest firms in Europe that already have a presence there’. Moreover, smart textiles are all the rage in the US and Resuinsa has been making this type of product for years—it was a pioneer in implementing the RFDI system in textiles for the hospitality sector.

In this sense, Spain is at the vanguard for both quality and technology. In addition to smart textiles, innovation can also benefited thread counts. Thanks to its R&D&i department, Resuinsa is now manufacturing 1,000 thread count sheets that are lighter, softer and have a unique shine. ‘Hoteliers already use 300 thread count sheets, which are our base model, and the new higher count products are gradually being introduced thanks to the spectacular results being seen, especially at top luxury hotels’, states Martí.

In this regard, quality and innovation go hand-in-hand. In fact, 1,000 thread count sheets are easy to iron and care for, and offer long life—a feature in high demand across the sector. All this work has led Resuinsa to become a global exponent of Spanish hospitality know-how and, thanks to these products, it offers a real response to the demands for better quality at hotel establishments.