Sarong towels—a sure-fire summer hit

The perfect hotel summer towel is here! Resuinsa is launching a new hybrid sarong towel for summer, combining the most important features of a towel (drying off) and sarong (lightweight). The unique, lightweight, quality garment will add that little extra for guests to enjoy even more memorable holidays.

Resuinsa’s sarong towel has a weight 370 gr/m2, making it ideal for comfortable guest trips to the beach or pool. In addition, it comes in both plain and patterned designs (stripes, nature patterns, etc.), as well as a colour palette to best match any establishment.

It is suitable for hotel use and will provide an added extra for hotel guests. The sarong towel can be tailored to include business logos and, if gifted to guests, can feature a true summery fringe. Where not gifted to guests, however, Resuinsa recommends foregoing the fringe due to industrial laundry requirements.

In short, beach towels have now become a must-have for hotels aiming to provide enhanced guest experiences.  This improved product from Resuinsa will round out their stay with a sure-fire summer hit!