Resuinsa’s Indanthren digital printing comes to the heart of Europe

Indanthren digital  printing developed by Resuinsa—the textiles multinational with over 43 years experience—has created a stir in the central European market with the new Tiaré collection. Premiered at the HORECAVA fair in Amsterdam, the series extends the available range of colours.

The company has thus taken a revolutionary technology for the sector enabling textile customisation right into the heart of Europe. The innovation has been widely welcomed at the main hospitality fairs and received new impetus thanks to the Benelux’s largest restaurant and catering fair held from 13th to 16th January. The event is a showcase for the latest developments in the industry.

    Indanthren digital printing is a technological leap that enables businesses to design textiles down to the smallest detail and adapt them to the ambience of each hotel, as well as trends and changes, all whilst ensuring quality and sustainability that ‘will change the way hotels are dressed in the 21st century’, explains Resuinsa CEO, Félix Martí

This time around, the firm ‘took on a huge challenge by presenting even more advanced indanthrene digital printing’. As Martí explains, ‘we have developed customised textiles in a wide variety of colours—up to five hues—that has really sparked interest amongst visitors’.      

The new collection bears the name Tiaré thanks to its floral pattern and joins the Palmira line, which was first introduced at HOST Milano and more recently at FITUR, where it delighted the sector with quality original pieces. ‘Digital printing has become a reality for the sector, as evidenced by the increased orders we are getting’.