Resuinsa—the first company to deliver smart textiles with 100% guaranteed traceability

We have invested in two next-generation automatic manufacturing machines covering the entire cutting, manufacturing, labelling and warping process with RFID technology.

Here at Resuinsa, we have positioned ourselves as the only global company able to deliver smart textiles to hoteliers with 100% guaranteed scanning and traceability. To do this, we have invested in next-generation automatic manufacturing machines which, in addition to their innovative approach, help reduce our carbon footprint.

In this sense, we have purchased two machines as part of our commitment to real R&D&i development that are able to cover the entire cutting, manufacturing, labelling and warping process with RFID technology. This ensures full traceability since RFID tags are incorporated into the garment during the manufacturing process.

As Resuinsa CEO, Félix Martí, explains, ‘we code smart textile labels at our facilities and upload the data on each piece to Resuinsa Cloud software. When we deliver the items to hotels, counting for each garment is real and immediate, meaning supervisors are aware of every delivery detail’.

1,200% increase in manufacturing capacity

The advanced machinery increases our manufacturing by 1,200%, moving from 23 to 300 items per hour. The process incorporates placing RFID labels, assigning the tag (the chip inserted in the garment directly, including a radio frequency emitter) and uploading data to Resuinsa Cloud in order to manage smart textiles in real-time. This provides precise global management for each item from manufacture to use at the hotel itself.

Our investment project includes the capacity to process different types of textiles, from sheets and pillowcases to tablecloths and napkins, using both fabric pallets and rolls. This flexibility ensures we are able to meet a wide range of requirements in the hotel sector thanks to competitive efficient production.

A commitment to sustainability

Moreover, the automatic manufacturing machines help cut our carbon footprint and represent ongoing improved sustainability. The technology reduces emissions in the manufacturing process and directly helps mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Thanks to all these innovations, Félix Martí highlights how innovation and sustainability ‘are essential pillars at the company, evidenced through the work we do day-in, day-out. As part of the Spanish textile manufacturing base and being at the forefront of real R&D&i, we have introduced these new machines to both improve our production processes and help the hotel sector be more efficient and sustainable’.