Resuinsa makes its smart textiles management software available to clients

Smart textile management in the cloud is a reality. The international firm Resuinsa offers clients its own cloud software solution, Resuinsa Cloud, developed by its technology partner Ubi Soluctions, for RFID technology in smart textiles.

Regardless of a company’s size, the software can adapt to sector requirements since its enables real-time monitoring and control for textile traceability, as well as improved connections between laundries and hotels. Moreover, it is fully compatible with all other management software.

The items are assigned and dispatched from Resuinsa’s facilities direct to clients, who receive specific training on how to use the platform. In addition, we have set up an exclusive after-sales service for any issue that may come up.

In developing this software, Resuinsa now provides clients with the chance to use the benefits of the cloud and get more out of their smart textiles. By including a tag, RFID technology helps manage traceability in inventory, location, shelf life, collection and distribution processes, as well as internal laundry. All this information is organised and stored in Resuinsa Cloud for direct access, any place, any time.

Smart textiles to improve processes

Innovation is one of Resuinsa’s key pillars thanks to its development of different projects. These include projects linked to RFID technology which started in 2014 through IDI-20130351 at the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), with a view to digitising textiles. Since then, many tags have been introduced that incorporate chips with a radio frequency emitter.

The tag is fully adapted to textile processes in the hospitality sector: it is resistant to industrial laundry and calendering, and suitable for high ironing temperatures; it enables mass, long-distance scanning; it is resistant to chemical laundry products, and comes with encrypted coding. Only three elements are required to introduce RFID: the tag, management software to control arrivals, dispatches, inventory, stock, etc. and hardware comprising a gate, cabin and/or PDA scanner.

In this sense, introducing an RFID system for textiles enables every item to be identified, as well as their location and durability. The solution analyses item traceability in real time by radio frequency, using tags that can withstand complex industrial laundry, alongside software that processes and analyses millions of scans. All these data are stored on Resuinsa Cloud.

Advantages of smart textiles

The many benefits of smart textiles include how much they support the work of hotel and laundry employees, since counts are done instantly on arrival and dispatch for textiles through the technology solution. Moreover, exact data enable precision decision-making on what needs to be replaced and stocked, as well as the shelf life of each item.

The app generates reports by establishment and item thanks to data integration with clientsmanagement software, leading directly to timesaving on stock counts and control tasks for employees.

It also enables clients to uncover theft or losses, as well as ensure the suitability of laundry processes by checking arrivals and dispatches of an establishment’s items throughout the laundry process.

In short, it is an innovative technology solution for improving textile stock control and supervision through item identification, location, traceability and management.