Resuinsa alongside Penadés Textil is a pioneer in the circular economy for hotel textiles

The international firm has partnered with Penadés Textil—a company with wide experience in recycled textiles and the most innovative machinery for the circular economy for hotel textiles

The countdown has begun for the circular economy for hotel textiles! On 1st January 2025, European Directive EU 2018/851 will come into force that obliges EU Member States to implement separate collection for textile waste and establish goals for reuse and recycling. In this sense, the biggest question is what will hotels and hotel chains do with the tonnes of textiles they generate every year and, especially, how will they be given a second life?

In light of this, Resuinsa has started to work on offering this pioneering service by creating a circular economy for hotel textiles. It has partnered with Penadés Textil, the biggest company in Spain dedicated to repurposing textiles, thanks to its wide experience and work using the latest machinery and equipment.

In turn, Resuinsa ran the CDTI project IDI 20191340 in 2019, known as FRIENDLY-TEX, where initial steps were taken in the circular textile economy. One of the areas worked on was the VITA Collection, which was based on obtaining fabrics from 100% repurposed material.

Given the new regulations that will come into effect in just under two years and the expertise gained from the FRIENDLY-TEX project, Resuinsa has started on the path to reuse hotel textiles via mechanical shredding and carding to obtain regenerated fibres. These are then blended with a percentage of new fibres to produce brand new products for hotels. All this is part of a 100% circular economy for hotel textiles using the most innovative equipment to ensure the highest quality throughout the process.

Technological development and innovation

With regard to shredding, Penadés Textil has recently acquired equipment to implement CDTI project IDI 20220971, with a view to promoting technological development, innovation and quality in its textile processes. Moreover, it holds GRD certification (Global Recycled Standard) for its work on and commitment to textile production, confection and materials linked to a new and improved economic model that is both effective and future facing. The model is still in its infancy in today’s textile industry.

The project promotes products made and designed with materials for long-term use. In this way, after their useful life comes to end on the market, items can be returned to once again form part of the textile production value chain.

Thanks to all this, Resuinsa is fully committed to a circular economy for hotel textiles in the sector, both in terms of care and commitment to the environment, and to offer a feasible solution to hoteliers in light of the upcoming regulations. The international firm has partnered in this challenge with a company renowned for its technology and development process, in order to offer complete traceability for materials and guarantee their provenance.