Resuinsa Group—the milestone of family history dedicated to textiles since 1926

Resuinsa was founded nearly 50 years ago and is today one of the largest international textile firms, with over 10,000 customers across the five continents.

The challenges facing the hotel sector require an approach from established firms offering real R&D&i, an effective commitment to environmental sustainability and work that assures product and service quality. Resuinsa Group was created with this spirit, underscoring the history of a textile project established in 1926 to offer the hospitality sector a comprehensive textile service covering all requirements, and adapting to new realities and challenges.

In order to achieve this, the business group combines the knowledge and experience from three consolidated brands. Firstly, Resuinsa, an expert in textiles suitable for industrial laundry. Today, the company is one of the largest international groups with over 10,000 customers around the globe. Moreover, it has five companies on the American continent, two in Africa and one in Asia. The firm is renowned for the designs, quality and durability of the products its develops through a major commitment to innovation and technology, as well as a true environmental commitment. This is why Resuinsa is a flagbearer for Spanish hospitality expertise around the globe.

Secondly, Carmela Martí Decoración, now celebrating its 20th anniversary and focused around decorative textiles for hospitality. The firm collaborates with clients around the world and thanks to its knowledge of individual markets regarding trends and requirements, it provides added value to designing textile products with their own personality.

Finally, the e-commerce business was channelled into a new project under the banner ‘RESUINSA HOME’, where a specialised team is transforming the business to continue providing the quality of textiles made for the top international hotel chains to small enterprises, professionals and individual customers.

Resuinsa also has a presence in the global luxury hospitality market and this year is preparing to launch a new concept, ‘Premium Hotel Luxury’, under a new brand.

Resuinsa Group—the milestone of one family’s history

Nearly a century has passed since Mateo Martí founded in January 1926 what is today one of the largest international textile groups and a leader in manufacturing products for the hospitality sector.

The story of Mateo Martí (grandfather of current Resuinsa CEO Felix Martí Sempere) started when he trained as a weaver in Barcelona. After returning to his home town of Montaverner (Valencia), he began manufacturing textiles and towels in 1926. Textile production became a major focus thank to the next generation. His son, Félix Martí Olivares, completed his studies as an industrial engineer in textiles and took over the family business. Martí Olivares recounts his story in family business life in the book ‘Notas para el desarrollo personal y empresarial’.

1976 and the foundation of Resuinsa

Resuinsa proper was founded nearly 50 years ago in 1976 to adapt to the changes taking place in the textile industry. Due to market requirements and demands, the company was established with a main focus on covering the specific needs in hospitality, a sector requiring tailored service and top quality across all areas.

The third generation led by Félix Martí Sempere consolidated the company’s reputation and status. A turning point came in the year 2000 when the logistics centre opened near the Montaverner production site, driving the firm’s initial overseas sales. Since then, the group has become an international benchmark for sustainability, real R&D&i, quality and design.

In short, Resuinsa Group aims to continue facing up to and flourishing alongside the challenges in the hotel and hospitality sector, accompanying and supporting its customers in all their textile projects. Thanks to the fourth generation of the family linked to the business and driving professionalism, the company’s history continues with eyes firmly set on the future.