Resuinsa is set to expand its facilities in Spain thanks to higher growth

Resuinsa will be expanding its premises at the end of this year thanks to the growth enjoyed over 2018. The Valencian company has over 8,000 clients across 100 countries and also works alongside eight partners in Cape Verde, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama and the US. The firm’s international expansion began 18 years ago and thanks to its successful technological strides and value added in the sector, such as smart textiles, it is now looking to expand its facilities.

The 40-year-old business ended 2017 with record turnover of 41 million euro, continuing the upward trend seen over recent years. Exports play a key role at Resuinsa with up to 40% of production sold outside Spain. The most recent markets for its products include Tanzania, Mauritania, the Comoros, Nigeria and Georgia. Another highlight is the firm’s presence in the US where it doubled sales last year and supplies a large number of hotels.


‘This expansion is a sign of the confidence placed in us by the sector and thanks to the commitment we made some time ago to innovation as a strategic pillar. We believe that the textile, catering and tourism industries need to take notice of what is happening in the world to be able to quickly respond to new customer requirements’, explains Félix Martí, Resuinsa CEO. An important reason for requiring larger facilities comes from the firm’s commitment to research, with the company needing new space to continue to bolster the innovative projects it develops every year.