Resuinsa: certified sustainable production

Ever more companies are implementing environment-friendly policies. Nevertheless, in order to ensure they are effective, official international certification programmes exist to guarantee they meet a series of sustainable principles. In this sense, Resuinsa has become a benchmark firm, being the first company in the hospitality sector to be awarded the global STeP certificate accrediting sustainable textile production transparently and clearly. To attain accreditation, a long process of strict audits across all manufacturing stages is carried out: spinning, weaving, dyeing and confection.

Through the OEKO-TEX® association, the STeP programme ensures international compatibility with standard criteria that are continually and exhaustively assessed and audited. In this vein, it includes an exhaustive reliable analysis of the scope of sustainability across six management areas for: chemical products; environmental protection; environmental management; health and safety; social responsibility, and quality. It stands out from other certification programmes which, in large part, take into account only certain individual aspects in the field.

We have also continually renewed our Oeko-Tex Standard 100 international certification for over 20 years. To attain this certificate, we must comply with all required quality standards, such as not using chemical products or harmful substances that can damage health. Certain criteria even go beyond what is required by law. In this way, our environmental commitment has turned the company into a benchmark firm for product quality.

We have also attained the GOTS standard—an international seal ensuring sustainability in the textile sector. It is one of the top standards in the world, independently certifying that the cotton we use comes from organic/ecological agriculture. Its environmental criteria include the elimination of toxic or harmful products for health, as well as social elements such as assessing companies for compliance with International Labour Organization (ILO) standards, which Resuinsa already has in place.

In addition, we have been awarded Made in Green by Oeko-Tex® certification. This certificate confirms that our products are safe for the human environment and manufactured in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Moreover, the FAIRTRADE® seal means our products are part of the fair trade network, which aims to eliminate poverty, fight inequality and injustice, protect the environment and combat climate change.

Underlying all these certifications is the ongoing work we do focused on the environmental quality of our products, as well as a commitment to real R&D&i through different projects, with sustainability in all its aspects being our flagship policy. This can also be seen across several initiatives such as reducing plastic in our packaging system, where usage has dropped by 60% (23 tonnes). Just this summer, our customers have reduced their plastic footprint by 7.2 tonnes, surpassing all expectations of this recently introduced policy.