Resuinsa and Carmela Martí present their 100% tailored textile design project at Interihotel

Under the banner ‘We dress your project’, both firms showcased a hotel room with the most tailored design possible at the fair.

Hotels require completely tailored projects to set them apart and spotlight their values and brand. Resuinsa, a leading company in the hospitality textile sector, and Carmela Martí Decoración, a specialised textile design firm, highlighted how textiles are ideally placed to play this special role at Interihotel 2023.

Under the banner ‘We dress your project’, they showcased the innovative ultra-personalisation service based on a single print produced by digital printing. The design was used in the wallpaper and other textiles, including cushions, bedding, dressing gowns and towels. Moreover, blue and beige hues were selected to outline how colour can be used to create both standardisation and distinction.

Resuinsa and Carmela Martí demonstrated how they approach their clients’ projects: by providing 100% personalised and made-to-measure solutions. To do this, they carefully assess a hotel’s brand to capture it through the textile design process and development, all in line with the latest trends.

Interihotel is the most important design event for hotels and restaurants, and brought together interior designers, architects, hoteliers, restaurateurs, real estate developers and investors, and product brands and distributors in Barcelona from 18th to 20th October. The theme for this year’s event, ‘The journey of change, breaking through the greatest challenge’, encapsulated the fully tailored advice Resuinsa and Carmela Martí offer professionals to help comprehensively kick-start their project through textiles.