Resuinsa 4.0: Smart hotel towel and linens management

Resuinsa is pleased to offer hotels its “Resuinsa 4.0” system, a smart linens service enabling them to locate sheets and towels, know whether they have been washed and with which products, and avoid theft at their establishments. The Resuinsa R&D&i department has spotted this need in the sector as service management implementation rates still remain low. The company has developed a system that can be set up at any hotel immediately and comprehensively.

Our linens come with a built-in chip that transmits different information, helping to raise efficiency levels, save time and, therefore, reduce management costs. Moreover, the cost of converting to smart linens represents a mere few cents for the sector. Bed linen and towel laundry, inventory and distribution supervisors will be able to find out how many items are on the premises, how many are out in the laundry and their wear-and-tear rates via a computer. The chip also includes details of the product’s name, colour and size. The design is resistant to the high temperatures seen in laundries, as well as interactions with chemical ingredients in detergents.

This comprehensive solution includes hardware that has been specifically designed by engineers for the service, integration of the software into hotel management programs and the supply of smart linens that match the establishment’s physical constraints and current logistics. In this vein, Resuinsa provides technology advice for hoteliers on the best way to implement the system and full set-up (hardware and software), where to place booths, delivery of scanners and the installation of the programs required for data management.

As with other sectors that are already using industry 4.0. technology, data are stored in the cloud, i.e. a server that hoteliers and employees can access from any corner of the globe, ensuring collaboration and synergy with other sector players such as external laundries. In turn, the laundry can provide information to the hotel in real time so that it is aware of the process status, enabling it to cut human error margins to a minimum: each product movement is traceable in the program meaning possible issues regarding laundry losses can be avoided.