Our new facilities open in Anna

Resuinsa’s new facilities in Anna (Valencia, Spain) are now open for business. Covering a surface area of 35,000 m2, the complex has been planned to address the needs of our customers, spread over 115 countries across the five continents, as well as represent our firm commitment to research in new R&D&i projects.

The building has been designed by BoMa Estudio and converts a former 1950s cotton mill into a modern facility. The space houses the last steps in the textile production process (sewing and cutting), packaging, storage and logistics, as well as offices.

In line with the philosophy behind the design of our head offices on the coast in La Patacona, Alboraya (Valencia, Spain), the creative team at BoMa aimed for a ground-breaking look that blends with the privileged natural setting where the complex is located. To achieve this goal, the project focused on design, innovation and sustainability—values that mark us out as a benchmark in the sector and that are embodied in each building element.

Different colours evoking elements of nature from the rich surrounding plant life and garden have been selected for the complex. Blue, green and terracotta intermingle in the geometric shapes drawn across the large building façade, offering a surprising finish in complete harmony with the surroundings.

The interior is split into two areas to meet very different requirements and is entered through a double-height hall that functions as a lobby. The architecture and design studio chose yellow to transform how the space is perceived: the hue runs throughout the offices and meeting room as it provides a positive feel and energy to workplace environments. Both areas aim to preserve the essence of the original factory by incorporating some unique elements, such as a fan located in the new meeting room.

In the production and logistics area, BoMa Estudio has designed a simple efficient layout to aid workflow. Lighting continuity was also a key feature when creating the spaces, aiming to ensure a neutral tone that did not distort the colour of the fabrics.