Textiles to improve quality of life for seniors

Resuinsa and Carmela Martí have worked on creating tailored textiles for one of Spain’s top centres, Monteparís Mayores

Can textiles to improve quality of life for seniors? Of course they can! Resuinsa and Carmela Martí Decoración have designed an exclusive line for Monteparís Mayores in Madrid that fully aligns with the centre’s approach of ‘a care model focused on people’.

In this vein, Resuinsa has designed all bed, bath and table linen for the centre’s apartments, co-living units (where care is tailored to different cognitive or functional levels) and rooms for independent seniors. The textiles are comfortable and delicate to the touch, and suited to all users.

White hues are the leitmotiv for bed linen, in line with Monteparís Mayores’ transparent philosophy and to create a positive and more intimate approach to ageing. Moreover, a white palette is synonymous with cleanliness, wellbeing and rest. The dark blue logo and turnover reflect the company’s corporate colours.

In turn, Carmela Martí Decoración has designed the resin-coated tablecloths for the 13 dining rooms at the centre. The stain-resistant linen is highly suited to this type of facility, and can be cleaned and disinfected after every meal. The elegant contemporary prints and linen look are matched with real linen napkins to offer a touch of comfort for senior residents. In addition to the resin-coasted tablecloths, the centre also uses real Resuinsa-designed linen sets for special occasions (holidays, Christmas, celebrations, etc.) to add a touch of distinction, combining practicality and quality.

Certified textiles

Resuinsa textiles have been awarded Oeko-Tex Standard 100 accreditation. This global environmental textile certification involves rigorous analyses to ensure products are free from banned substances and harmful chemicals for health. In this way, the centre can be sure all their linen complies with health standards—an important element for elderly skincare.

Moreover, the products are fully suited to industrial laundry processes. Resuina was the first international company to attain this certification, ensuring product quality is unaffected by the laundry process.

Monteparís Mayores

Resuinsa and Carmela Martí are proud to have provided Monteparís Mayores with  linen products that meet its requirements. We are fully aware of how important the centre is and what it is trying to provide in the marketplace, placing a spotlight on the important role seniors play in society and ensuring it remains a restraint-free centre.

A commitment to material comforts and thorough care is key at Monteparís Mayores. The modern benchmark facilities represent the right way to appreciate and look after our seniors, who did so much for us and for society in their younger days.