Intense colours are the main characters in Carmela Martí’s new catalogue, Bed Sellers

The interior design trends for 2018 are packed with intense colours. This way, we say goodbye to pastel colours and go for much brighter and stronger colours. The monochromatic decoration becomes more and more prominent and Pantone encourages us to be creative and bold using fashionable colours, be it exploring different tones in the same colour range or playing with complementary colours. The key in this trend is to achieve a balance between all of the elements, combining different textures and materials.

This trend serves also as an inspiration for creating ambiances in hotel establishments. This sector is continuously looking for innovations to create spaces and experiences that can surprise the visitor, so they have become a true benchmark in interior design.

New functional collections, based on trendy colours, make up the aesthetics and versatility when choosing the linens for a hotel and help the professionals, who are authentic opinion leaders regarding fashion and trends, to continue creating new things. This is what Carmela Martí has achieved with its new catalogue Bed Sellers.

The catalogue presents some of the linens that work the best to dress up hotels, both for their look and versatility and for their technical features. In addition, Carmela Martí has enjoyed the creative direction of the design and architectural firm Boma. The result is an edgy catalogue in which the main characters are the textures of the linens and the colours, which are all about intensity and contrasts.