estampación digital Indanthren

Indanthren print textiles and the latest trends for 2020 at Host Milano

Host Milano is the current stage for Resuinsaa benchmark firm for Spanish textiles around the globe—to present its top new textile products for the sector and Indanthren print textiles. Thanks to its major presence on the Italian market, where it competes with the country’s top firms, and around Europe, many customers are heading to the firm’s stand (R-28, P-11).

This important fair is the setting for the company to introduce its innovative Indanthren digital print designs that were launched in early summer and have generated lots of customer orders. The technology opens up endless possibilities for designs and colours, enabling textiles to be tailored for every establishment. In this sense, it represents a ‘real revolution for the sector’, as stated by Resuinsa CEO, Félix Martí, with hotels and restaurants being be able to select a design that best matches their own style whilst maintaining quality standards.

‘Until now, no digital printing was suitable for the industrial laundry processes of these items’, Martí points out. Now, however, it has become a reality thanks to Resuinsa’s commitment to technological innovation and real investment in R&D&i. As the CEO explains, the company has many ongoing projects and carries out serious audited research with support from the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and ERDF funding: ‘Our ongoing commitment to R&D&i has led to our being awarded the ‘Sello Pyme Innovadora’ seal, a certificate granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation to firms that truly develop innovation projects. This translates to major improvements in the sector, such as bed and table linens with Indanthren digital prints that we are demonstrating at important events such as Host Milano.’

In this sense, those visiting the stand can see and touch first-hand items produced with these designs. ‘Customers are surprised by the new product—we can honestly say it’s a hit. Indanthren digital printing has become a reality for the hospitality sector and this is backed up by all the interest it is generating amongst customers.’

Trends for 2020

The company has also introduced the latest design trends for textiles in 2020. These include plants and plant patterns in line with the natural style now running through interior design. In this vein, Resuinsa is showing Jacquard-design bed linen with a delicate, elegant and fresh palm leaf motif. The new design innovation offers businesses the chance to get ahead of the latest global trends.

The presentation of all these new products underscored the importance of sustainability in manufacture. Indeed, even the stand is made from recycled materials and offers visitors information on the environmental policies that Resuinsa has implemented over the last two decades. Moreover, the firm is underlining the importance of relevant certification to ensure compliance with sustainable production requirements, such as STeP (Sustainable Textile Production); Resuinsa is the only company in the hospitality sector to have been awarded this certificate.

‘We want to emphasise our commitment to respecting the natural environment and tell all those who come and show an interest in our products about it. For example, many visitors have been really intrigued by our new packaging system that has cut annual plastic use by 60% ‘, states Félix Martí.