Guide to good practices with mandatory measures to avoid cross-contamination

We all want tourism to return to normal as soon as possible. The day the hotels reopen their doors, the guests will have experienced a significant change, being more sensitive to issues related to cleaning and disinfection.

The adaptation of establishments to a new environment where health prevails, requires the implementation of new measures, to this end it will be essential to have safety and hygiene programs and protocols, to restore confidence after the passage of this harsh pandemic. Many Hotel Chains and Associations are already considering how they will deal with their new phase and, among other concerns, need to know what measures will be taken by all their suppliers to avoid cross-contamination with the orders they receive.

At Resuinsa, we have developed a Guide to good practices with mandatory measures in our facilities so that the genre that hotels receive is 100% safe, that is “Covid Free” A guide that collects among others, the instructions given by the Ministry of Health and the Occupational Risk Prevention Company, being a dynamic document that we will expand as more information on the disease and its epidemiology becomes available.

In it we contemplate all the organizational measures, security measures in the production plant and in the offices, measures for the workers, before, during and after the working day, use of PPE s by all personnel and a protocol for dealing with an infected or potential infected worker. Until Covid-19 is eradicated or we have a vaccine, the whole of society will have to live with this virus. We must break the taboo of not talking about health and safety issues in the hotel industry, it is time to normalize the use of these terms because today more than ever it is an added value in our sector.

If companies do our part and we form a strong team, we will all pull through together. We have a big post-pandemic challenge ahead of us and we are going to achieve it.