Elegant, well-dressed tables: the latest trend in table linens for weddings

At the height of the wedding season, many couples are planning everything down to the last detail to make this special day perfect. Everything counts, but table linens have become one of the key elements in the decoration of these events, as they make it possible to play around with the textures and colours of the rest of the items.

The good weather is here to stay and, since most celebrations take place outdoors, it is essential to have a spacious setting in which to dress the table properly. Consequently, the latest trend is to have well-dressed and elegant tables that include all the elements, such as the tablecloth itself, the top cloth and the napkins. It is a style with a glamour guaranteed to be a success at such important events.

As patterns are more prominent than ever in tablecloths, a plain top cloth in the same colour range as the tablecloth provides contrast and adds dynamism to the tables. Regarding the colours, grey and beige are the shades that will be ruling this spring and summer. They are ideal for open spaces and also combine well with the rest of the elements on the table (crockery, cutlery, flowers, etc.). Pastel shades are, therefore, a good choice, as they provide radiance and help making the rest of the decoration stand out.

The use of linen for the fabric is also an added value for outdoor weddings. Besides delicacy and quality, it provides a touch of freshness for the coming hot weather, and the pastel colours combine perfectly with this type of fabric, thus reflecting good taste and refinement.

To properly dress an elegant table, the tablecloth needs to reach the floor, without touching it, and it has to cover the whole table. Meanwhile, the top cloth occupies the entire surface of the table and it has a drop length between one quarter and one third of the total distance from the top edge to the floor. This will give you a perfect table.