Digital printing with Indanthren arrives in style with Resuinsa

Here at Resuinsa—a benchmark firm in the hospitality sector—we are extremely pleased with the warm welcome given to our Indanthren digital print textiles at Host Milano, especially from Italian companies.

The technological innovation was the star turn at the fair. Indeed, our Italian competitors congratulated us on incorporating this major new development into textiles for the hospitality sector, stating that it was a completely new concept for them. They were surprised by Indanthren printing’s ability to tailor every aspect of textiles down to the last detail and by its standout feature of withstanding industrial laundry processes used at hotels and restaurants.

Resuinsa demonstrated its Palmira Collection at Host Milano, designed with Indanthren prints and comprising a duvet cover with a closed print; pillowcases with a continuous print; and throw cushion covers with positional prints. We received many requests at the fair and are looking into developing new collections.

Around 42 different nationalities from America, Europe, Africa and Asia visited our stand. Of these visitors, 59% came from Italy—where Resuinsa’s products sparked lots of interest—and 41% from other countries (including the rest of Europe and Russia). In this vein, over the coming months the firm is set to see growth in new, currently untapped markets.

In turn, many architects, interior decorators and designers visited the stand to see the Atelier by Carmela Martí service up-close. The service offers completely tailored textile designs that are a perfect match for the unique style and identity of any establishment, enabling professionals to incorporate textiles into their individual hospitality projects.

Our firm successfully dealt with the challenge of attending a fair such as Host Milano in the home of Italian design, opening ourselves up to direct comparison with the best competitors in the sector. Our participation was highly satisfactory and we continue to see growth thanks to client recommendations and the experiences of those who appreciate our products.