Our team’s great ability to work, think, innovate, propose and perform together is one of our strengths.


We like challenges and we say “no” to nothing. We will do what is necessary for the client’s complete satisfaction no matter where they are because thanks to them we have decorated the best hotels and restaurants in the world.


A complex structure and a great involvement of human resources and materials is required in order to service the needs that the client has conveyed to us and to reach the deadline.

Our R&D&i, is continually developing new and revolutionary products, such as the application of new technologies to textile.


You will find us in the most unexpected places: Barbados, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Finland, Guinea Bissau, Martinique, Mauritius, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Togo… and in more than 140 countries.


We travel a lot but you are always welcome to our offices and you can find us at the trade fairs and events we organize. Come and greet us the next time!


Félix Martí

Fernando Soriano

Fernando Soriano

Sales Manager

Juan Antonio López

Juan Antonio López

National Sales Manager